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Next Thai Massage Opening ~ December 20th : 10:00am - Online or text/call 502-271-9880

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Resolving orthopedic problems, sleep disturbances and emotional turbulence are just a few of the many benifits to be expected from receiving a Thai Massage. Both deep and relaxing this treatment will remodel soft tissue and maintain the health of your joints, connective tissues & organs. Your Board Certified Therapist has been in full time practice for 12 years and is internationally trained in Osteo Thai & Thai Massage. Do yourself a favor and commit to 4 sessions to reinvigorate your zest for a strong and long life. #massagenearme #thaimassage #massageinlouisville https://www.vedicthaiyoga.com/davidabrandt

Throat Wheel : Clearing the channels & stimulating glandular assembly.

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