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Thai Massage Opening, October 3rd @ 1:00pm | Schedule Online or call/text 502-271-9880

Updated: 4 days ago

New clients text your request to 502-271-9880. I may be able to see you sooner!

Your Board Certified Therapist has been in full time practice for 13 years and is internationally trained in Thai Yoga Massage. He just returned in March from yet another month long training in Southeast Asia, Laos & Thailand. Do yourself a favor and commit to 4 sessions to reinvigorate your zest for a strong and long life. Resolving orthopedic problems, sleep disturbances and emotional turbulence are just a few of the many benifits to be expected from receiving a Thai Massage. Both deep and relaxing this treatment will remodel soft tissue and maintain the health of your joints, connective tissues & organs. #massagenearme #thaimassage #massageinlouisville #vedicthaiyoga #thaimassagelouisville

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