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Your massage therapist and yoga instructor, David has been in full time practice Since 2010, is internationally trained, state licensed & board certified. He travels regularly to study & teach along side some world class bodyworkers and is excited to serve as an educator for those interested in the yogic sciences, massage/bodywork and suprasensible knowledge


Board Certified (590652-10)
State Licensed (KY-3809) 
Kelly Setser "I'm a very active and still competitive female athlete who will be 55 this year!! I have been seeing David for about 4 years. His passion for helping people feel better and improve their lives with greater mobility and decreased pain is a "…
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Graduate of
Sunshine Massage School,
Chiang Mai - Thailand

Cecilea Mun "I had my first Vedic Thai yoga massage with David. I highly recommend trying this if you have chronic pain due to body alignment issues. Its been a long time since I’ve felt this centered and at one with my body. Really great for addressing" …

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Graduate & Educator for
The Vedic Conservatory,  Florida

John Robert Klem "I really loved my experience here! David is a very welcoming and kind person. I was a little nervous because I never had a massage before, but he made me feel relaxed and at ease. The massage itself was 90min., incorporated some assisted" …

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Graduate of
Soma Veda College of Natural Medicine, Florida

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📚 Trained in 🇹🇭 Thailand & USA 🇺🇸

A "wellness practitioner" since 1997 David got his start in the field of health care as a hospital orderly, and later became an EMT. In 2008 he returned to school for Medical Massage and in 2010 began his full time work as a massage therapist and yoga teacher. He is graduate of Sun Shine Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand as well as a graduate of Some Veda College of Natural Medicine and The Vedic Conservatory both located in Florida. After years of study and working with a variety of yoga studios, chiropractic offices, spas, and in home settings he now is set up for private practice. Currently he offers private treatments, public demonstrations and weekly Yin Yoga & Massage classes at his studio in Old Louisville.

With over 2,000 hours of training with 4 various Thai Massage schools, 6,000+ massage sessions and an ongoing personal life of practice and study, he regularly exceeds all credentials necessary to maintain a first of class practice. He  offers guidance and encouragement to all who are on a journey to health via the natural path, classical yogic sciences and Ayurveda.

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