vedic Thai yogA


"To touch the soul of another is to walk on holy ground"

Who will attend ?


Massage Therapists [all styles], Yoga Enthusiasts, Dancers, Martial Artists, Medical Professionals, Personal Trainers, Acupuncturists, Herbalists, Athletes,

Parents [best family health insurance imaginable], Chiropractors, Meditators, Numerologists, Sound, Color, and Aroma therapists, Nutritionists, Musicians and all enthusiasts interested in the healing Arts.

Are you a dedicated Massage Therapist?

Are you committed to helping others towards better health?

Are you a devoted servant of life and positive spirit?

Are you energetic and health oriented?

Is dance, yoga, martial arts and fresh personal transformation a joy of your life?


Does Eastern life styles, mysterious healing methodologies and Cosmic Comprehensions interest you?

Board approved education

Your education has been vetted by and is overseen by a board certified practitioner & will included necessary CEU paper work for licensed professionals.

Learn ancient techniques for a modern world

Come and learn to address the individual as a spirit-soul that is giving life to the body. Find out why this method has been professionally integrated into the best yoga centers, health resorts, massage schools, medical institutions and psychiatric associations world wide. 

Growth through devotion

This education program is for the dedicated healer looking for strong knowledge of energetic anatomy, physiology, pathologies, subtle strength, creative movement skills and physical endurance.


Ancient, Sacred & Sophisticated practices that promote a youthful body and spirit.