David A. Brandt

Massage Therapist + Yoga Teacher

Since 2010


Hi, I’m David Brandt, licensed massage therapist, thai massage bodyworker,  yoga instructor and owner of Vedic Thai Yoga Massage in Louisville KY. I've been a "wellness practitioner" since 1997 starting in high school as a hospital orderly, later studying to become an EMT while moonlighting as a "wellness tech" at a local gym. Cleaning out ears in nursing homes, transporting patients around the hospital in wheel chairs and buzzing around town in the back of an ambulance as an EMT was just the beginning. In 2008, in an effort to help prevent the need for emergency medicine, I returned to school for Medical Massage and in 2010 began my life as a "bodyworker/massage therapist". I've now spent the past 10 years joyfully offering this work in a variety of yoga studios, chiropractic offices, spas and home settings. I've been fortunate to travel the world learning from some of the worlds best teachers as well as on going study with Thai Yoga Medicine schools across the USA. I also have a regular Ashtanga Yoga and meditation practice and enjoy the world of martial arts. In 2014 I began offering small workshops educating the public in prevenative health practices and Vedic style Thai Massage. I am now spending my time developing a mentoship program and working for others who are dedicated to the healing arts.


You can find reviews of my work on Google Maps and MassageBook.com.



Ancient, Sacred & Sophisticated practices that promote a youthful body and spirit.