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"To touch the soul of another is to walk on holy ground"

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Discover ancient remedies for trauma, injury & general malaise. Nuad Boran or Thai Massage, with its roots in Ayurveda & the Yogic Sciences has been in vogue for an estimated 2,500+ years with the most modern versions being popularized in Thailand. The legendary founder of the art is believed to have been a doctor from India known as Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha. Spread about by traveling monks, then passed down through family heritage and medical lineage, it remains to this day the first step in remedying dis-ease for millions of people on planet earth.
Offered in a deeply meditative state, this fusion of Lanna Style Thai massage with modern orthopedic methods combines the best of massage, yoga movements, meditation, physical therapy, osteopathy & energy work into a powerful and transformative modality.

The compressions are calming, the rhythmic movements hypnotic, while the deep stretching restores your potential for incredible physical capabilities.

Your sessions may also include traction, percussion, deep tissue massage, tool assisted therapies and many other useful techniques. Release the resistance in your body, improve your movements, deepen your breath and smooth out your emotions.

Highly sought after for those looking for reliable pain relief, 
as well, by massage connoisseurs and those expecting high performance from their body. This work is very adaptable and perfectly safe for all age groups and body-types. Book your session today and find out first hand why Thai massage is popular around the world!

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5 Stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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"I had my first Vedic Thai yoga massage with David. I highly recommend trying this if you have chronic pain due to body alignment issues. Its been a long time since I’ve felt this centered and at one with my body. Really great for addressing problems from repetitive stress injuries, and degenerative neck disorder. Much better than going to a chiropractor. It’s a gentler, and more holistic treatment..."

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Eliminates The Source Of Pain

Rhythmic compression along predetermined paths removes muscular adhesions, clears out old  stagnate fluid and increases the circulation throughout the body. Specific pressure applied on precise points of the body will create a release of endorphins and neurotransmitters in the brain, tranquilizing the nervous system.


Joint Stability & Range Of Motion

Assisted postures work to harmonize the different segments of the body and restore a natural range of motion. These assisted movements rebuild trust in our abilities, restores awareness and encourages postural alignment, offering greater support to the joints of the body

& spinal column. 

Smoothes Out The Emotions

The life of the body and the mind are intimately woven together. Throughout these treatments I will address a number of areas on the body that can store negative or unresolved emotions. It is not uncommon to experience moments of great bliss or sadness during a treatment. Passing through these temporary states helps to aid in the release of antiquated, non-serving thoughts and creates a more balanced emotional life.

Produces Profound

Rest & Relaxation

The rhythmic style of this treatment charms the mind into a profoundly relaxed state. Matching your breath during the movements will enhance this effect. We will discuss some basics of breath control to get started. It's also common for the receiver to experience moments of "weightlessness", feel shifts of energy in their own body, and some even report receiving revelations leading to greater

fulfillment in their lives.

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5 Stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Google Reviews

After being diagnosed with hip issues it was suggested that I have a replacement. I felt there were other options out there and it was not willing to have surgery right away. I looked for other options and alternatives and... stumbled on Vedic Thai Yoga Massage. My first session with David was what I had been looking for. He was able to move and massage my hips, legs, and back to ease my pain. He is very good at diagnosing the situation and explains everything in detail. David is excellent at His craft ...



Head Massage
Couples Aerial Yoga Class
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All Sessions Include a foot soak + essential oils + head, neck & face massage, along with all the deep stretching and line work customary of Traditional Thai Massage.  Also available; Inversion therapy, cupping & gusha. 

Longer sessions allow for more time to explore and release areas of hidden resistance built up in joints and along sinews. 

Remember, your experience is always customizable.

You may choose to blend any essential oil and/or tool assisted technique such as cupping, guasha, Tok sen, or inversion therapy to complement your treatment. No matter how long your session, it will include a variety of "settings".


A brief intake at your first appointment will help navigate health concerns and determine the best techniques/settings for us to use. Your therapist will combine these techniques into a customized dance of healing potential. There is little for you to do but enjoy while the movements happen for you.


Prepare For
Your Session


While you can receive a Thai massage after a meal it is best received on an empty stomach however you shouldn't be hungry. Eating a healthy small snack prior to treatment is okay. 


Think "loose and less". Nudity is not necessary as no oil or cream is used (discuss with your therapist how this can be modified to include medicated oil which helps for different techniques).


Tell your therapist any goals you may have if seeking rehabilitation. You may bring x-rays and diagnostics from other health care providers.


Bring some loose clothing that allows for movement and remove jewelry and socks. Remove anything with elastic. Ladies should avoid wire bras opting for a loose spaghetti strap top.


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